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KEJUtan Rendang’ was created.

Q Bistro, a Malaysian restaurant chain, is taking the collaboration further by introducing KEJUtan Rendang as a limited-time menu available from 25 Mar to 8 May 2024, across all of their outlets, building on the local pride.

Priced at RM14.90, the menu includes an additional RM4.00 for a cup of Q Rose Milk Special.

By simply using the Mamee Chef – Mi Goreng Rendang Legenda, customers can try this Sofyank-innovated dish, experiencing its content firsthand.

With a steady taste and a bit of cheerfulness draped over the dish, the offer is quite enticing, especially suitable for “moreh” and supper throughout this month of Ramadan and Syawal.

As the name suggests, the element of ‘surprise’ is evident in Sofyank’s creation, which tops up Mamee Chef’s Mi Goreng Rendang Legenda flavor with a pleasant touch of melted cheese and Rendang on the side.

Moreover, this Ramadan and Syawal promotion, local instant noodle brand Mamee Chef, celebrates this occasion with Malaysians through 30 recipes featuring 30 influencers over 30 days.

Pegging the campaign with Sofyank, the collaboration brings together the magic of a simple but delicious recipe, KEJUtan Rendang, which is perfect for Malaysian friends celebrating Ramadan and Syawal.

KEJUTAN Rendang and Iftar Ramadan

Q Bistro timely introduced KEJUtan Rendang as Muslims celebrate the month of Ramadan, alongside launching two other promotions to facilitate customers during berbuka and sahur.

In addition to KEJUtan Rendang, Q Bistro also unveiled the Iftar Ramadan promotion, comprising three main packages: Briyani Ramadan Set Menu, Thai Ramadan Set Menu, and Malaysian Favourite Set Menu.

Furthermore, the Briyani Ramadan Set Menu offers two sets, Set A for four people and Set B for two people.

Set A, priced at RM74.00, includes 4 Moghul Briyani Rice, 2 Mutton Chop, 2 Chicken ‘Q’, 4 Acar Buah, 4 Dalca, 4 Papadam, 4 Teh O Ais or Sirap Ais, and Free Kurma.

Meanwhile, Set B comprises 2 Moghul Briyani Rice, 1 Mutton Chop, 1 Chicken ‘Q’, 2 Acar Buah, 2 Dalca, 2 Papadam, 2 Teh O Ais or Sirap Ais, and Free Kurma.

Additionally, the Thai Ramadan Set Menu is available in Set A and Set B.

Set A, priced at RM85.00, includes 4 Nasi Putih, 2 Tomyam Seafood, 1 Siakap Tiga Rasa, 2 Ayam Kamheong, 2 Telur Dadar, 4 Teh O Ais or Sirap Ais, and Free Kurma.

Set B, priced at RM37.00, offers 2 Nasi Putih, 2 Telur Dadar, 1 Tomyam Ayam, 1 Kangkung Belacan, 1 Ayam Kamheong, 2 Teh O Ais or Sirap Ais, and Free Kurma.

For solo customers, Q Bistro provides a special menu: the Malaysian Favourite Set Menu, priced at RM19.00.

Moreover, the set includes 1 Mee Goreng Mamak, 1 Chicken Chop, 1 Teh O Ais or Sirap Ais, and Free Kurma.

KEJUTAN Rendang and Operation Hours

Some companies or government offices may change their operation hours during Ramadan to allow their employees to go home early for iftar.

Q Bistro also did not miss out on making a slight change of operating hours at the restaurant branch to make it easier for customers to plan their berbuka and sahur activities.

This change in operating hours also has to do with the promotion of KEJUtan Rendang and Iftar Ramadan.

The nine Q Bistro branches operate for 24 hours, namely in Ampang, Cheras, Glenmarie, TTDI, Taman Melati, SS15, Section 9 Shah Alam, Bukit Jelutong and Bandar Tun Hussein Onn.

Other outlets namely Putrajaya operate from 3pm to 6am followed by Bangsar (17am to 2am), Bukit Bintang and Damansara (7am to 10pm), MSU Express (8am to 8pm), DBKL (7am to 7pm) and Universiti Malaya (7am to 10pm).

This change in operating hours is expected to benefit customers.

A Short History of Q Bistro

Our story began in 1968 when Mr. Muhammad Dulkif opened a small food business in Batu Gajah, serving delicious Indian Muslim food to the locals.

The business was a huge success, and he moved to Kuala Lumpur to explore better opportunities.

Mr. Dulkif started a food stall in Taman Midah, and as the business flourished, he established another stall in Jalan Chan Sow Lin, Sg. Besi in 1981.

He then opened a third stall at Len Sing Garden, Petaling Jaya, and in 1984, he opened another stall in Taman Tenaga, Cheras.

After the bereavement of his father, Mr. Riyasutin Bin Mohammed Dulkif continued the business in 1993, along with his mother.

Mr. Riyasutin dedicated all his enthusiasm and efforts to maintaining and growing the existing business.

A few years later, in 2000, Mr. Riyasutin’s best friend, Mr. Haja Najmuddin, joined him, and due to their mutual understanding and strong efforts, they succeeded in transforming the business from a stall-based model to a conducive restaurant at Pandan Perdana, Kuala Lumpur.

Who is Sofyank?

In 2023, Mohamad Sofian Abdullah, a 27-year-old Kelantanese social media influencer, achieved a remarkable feat by winning the Ultimate VFX Challenge in Los Angeles.

He defeated two other content creators, Brandon from the United Kingdom, and Eva from the Netherlands.

Moreover, the contestants were also required to compete for their filming and editing equipment.

During the competition, Sofyank had his hands handcuffed for 30 minutes as “punishment.”

His exceptional visual effects skills awed the judges, including Mythbusters personality and special effect designer Adam Savage, VFX artist and engineer Wren, and American content creator Kelli Erdman.

Sofyank often amazes viewers with his creative videos, some of which feature well-known figures.

In contrast to many social media influencers who use their platforms to spread awareness about the suffering of the Palestinian people, Sofyank took a different approach.

He utilized his skills in visual effects to produce a short video addressing the Palestinian issue and countering the Western media narrative.

Collaborating with local artist Qurnia Izzat, Sofyank created a 45-second clip showcasing portraits of Palestinians risking their lives in their homeland.

The video, which is currently trending on social media, has received positive reactions and praise from netizens for its creative approach to spreading awareness about the situation in the Gaza Strip.


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