KumaarFamily Declares Q Bistro as Malaysia’s Top Culinary Gem in Recent YouTube Shorts Review

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“So good. sangat sedap.”

When the Kumar Family recently visited the Q Bistro Bukit Bintang branch, they tried the Roti Boom menu and were delighted with their spontaneous reaction.

Apart from Roti Boom, the Kumar Family who visited the restaurant with their two other friends also enjoyed The Halia or Ginger Tea, which they had never tasted before.

Who is Kumar Family?

Logesh Kumaar is a very talented and popular Malaysian YouTuber, social media star, and basically a digital content creator who is very best known for his Kumaar Family youtube channel (family vlog channel). They upload videos related to Malaysian food and culture to Americans while embracing the American lifestyle.

Logesh Kumaar Born in Malaysia with around 5 feet and 9 inches tall in height. He lives in Walnut Creek, CA, USA (the San Francisco Bay Area).

He is a married man. His wife’s name is Rachel. They have two beautiful sons named Zaden and Kyren Kumaar. His wife, Rachel was born in California, USA.

Roti is the Malaysian term for ‘bread’ but typically refers to a certain type of layered flatbread widely popular across Malaysia.

Originating from the Indian subcontinent, brought over specifically by Indian Muslims and is traditionally served in mamak stalls which are commonly found all over Malaysia.

The Roti flatbread can go by many names across Asia, but in its simplest form, it’s known as a ‘Roti Canai’ in Malaysia.

Roti Canai is made with just a few ingredients, however, it’s the unusual layering preparation technique that produces its unique texture and flavour.

Roti is now considered a staple at Malaysian meals and is great for dipping and mopping up saucy dishes like Rendang, Dhal or Sambal.

t’s very likely that you’ve already come across the more internationally popular flatbreads such as chapati or naan.

Meanwhile, the Malaysian roti has evolved over the years to spawn different variations on the classic roti which reflect Malaysia’s unique food culture.

PA Food’s Roti range allows food lovers around the world to get a taste of this amazing flatbread!

Roti is a very simple but enjoyable part of Malaysian cuisine.

However far from being a simple flatbread, there are many different variations of roti which is why it is so timeless and loved.

Roti really does have a place in every Malaysian meal and if you’ve experienced Malaysian culture, you’ll know that rotis can be eaten for breakfast, a tea snack, as confectionery and as part of the main meal.

Roti is so versatile, it can be eaten as either savoury or sweet which is exactly where roti bom comes in.

This sweet form of roti contains sugar and kaya.

Kaya is a sweet, green colour paste which can best be described as a coconut jam. The sugar is added to enhance the sweetness.

The Kaya is then smothered over the stretched out dough mix before being folded.

The roti bom can either be eaten as a snack or dessert and most mamaks offer a variety of toppings including banana, peanut butter, chocolate sauce, carnation and sugar.

Teh Halia is Malay for ginger tea.

This slightly spicy and sweet drink is served in traditional coffee shops in Singapore and Malaysia.

The coffee shop version of the ginger milk tea is especially sweet as they use sweetened condensed milk.

This recipe is the healthier version of what you typically get in coffee shops but it is just as yummy!

It will warm you up on a cold winter’s day, and is a good beverage to serve alongside Indian curry.

The ginger will help ease the spiciness of the curry.

What sets Q Bistro apart, according to Kumaar Family, is its unique take on the traditional mamak experience.

The family highlighted the restaurant’s slightly upscale ambiance, elevating it above the typical eateries of its kind.

Q Bistro managed to strike a perfect balance, offering a refined setting while staying true to the authentic essence of Malaysian flavors.

The Kumaar Family’s review didn’t stop at the ambiance; the heart of their endorsement lies in the food itself.

The family expressed their genuine delight at the culinary delights served at Q Bistro, describing the dishes as “genuinely very good.”

Their enthusiastic praise covered a diverse range of Malaysian specialties, showcasing the restaurant’s commitment to delivering an exceptional gastronomic experience.

In a surprising twist, Kumaar Family went beyond a mere review, suggesting that the Michelin Guide should start taking notice of Q Bistro.

The family’s endorsement carries weight in the foodie community, and their recommendation for Michelin recognition positions Q Bistro as a restaurant deserving of international acclaim.

Q Bistro’s central kitchen has been Jakim Halal Certified since 2018.

If you’re interested in our special menu, visit one of our nearby branches. Click link to find locations: https://qbistro.com/our-store/

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